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CC1101 - USB - Lite module - V2

USB enabled CC1101 controller board with RP-SMA socket and l/4 antenna in transparent plastic case. Optional HF-shield not mounted.


This "dongle" will enable you to interface with ISM/SRD bands air data of any kind. The module contains a modern 8-bit Atmel for raw data pre-processing before passing it to the USB 2.0 interface or the powerful Texas Instruments transceiver.

To create your own applications you may use the avr-gcc.

The device ships with a DFU-bootloader. Use dfu-programmer to program it. Alternately you may solder yourself a FPC-socket to use serial ISP programming.

By default an lambda/4 wire antenna is connected. Nevertheless: the PCB contains a SMA-antenna-pinheader, where you may solder a "real" antenna if required.

The 868MHZ-HF-design follows TIs design note DN025.

Have a look at this modules Image Gallery and see a YouTube-video how a CUL-prototype is hand soldered.

More questions you might find answered in the modules FAQ


  • AT90USB162 processor 8MHz @ 3.3V
  • CC1101 ISM transceiver tuned for 868MHz or 433MHz
  • pinheader for SMA / SMA-RP socket
  • green multi purpose led
  • multi purpose micro switch
  • USB type A male connector
  • optional ISP connector (FPC6)
  • optional HF-shield


Recommended tools/software

Demonstration firmware

The module does not require any special driver to run under Linux or MacOS. For Windows use this CUL.inf (1.38 Kb)
How to load this/new firmware | Source code

3nd party firmware projects



This module is not longer available.

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